HAL 9000

I was born in 1956 and was very much a child of the 60's and a teenager of the 70's. I was totally enthralled by Manned Spaceflight, having watched with avid interest all the early missions and the with wonder, man actually landing on the moon. Started my working life as an apprentice compositor in the print industry and then with the advent of desktop publishing and the demise of traditional typesetting, ended up working for the best part of twenty years working with various publishing companies. My role was predominantly working supporting the Apple computers, which were used in the production of the various publications that were produced. I left the publishing industry in 2009 and took the opportunity to have a change in career by working for Apple Retail in there store in Bluewater, Kent. I am married and fortunate to live in the beautiful, historic city of Canterbury in the United Kingdom.

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