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Too Upbeat For Cancer

My post this week is short and – believe it or not – has nothing to do with space, spaceflight or the Apollo Program. For those of you who have read my posts on a regular basis, know that those subjects are what interest me most and I hope if nothing else, I may have increased your knowledge or understanding of those heady days back at the dawn of the space age in the 50’s and 60’s

I am going on holiday to Majorca for 10 days from this Monday onwards and prior to my leaving, had fully intended to unearth another spaceflight related topic to share with you. However, that intent got swept by the wayside when I read a blog that a work colleague has created about his experiences fighting cancer.

My colleague’s name is Nicky Boardman and he is a senior manager at the Apple Retail store where I work at Bluewater here in the United Kingdom.

Nicky had a diagnosis of cancer last year and for the best part of it, has received treatment in the form of chemotherapy for an aggressive form of the disease that is now blighting his life.

Nicky is one of the most upbeat, kind and inspirational guys I have ever had the pleasure of working with. To be so universally loved and thought of in those terms, takes some doing in any walk of life. But considering the height at which Apple has set the bar when it comes to recruiting anyone to work for them, goes some way to explaining just how special a person Nicky is to all his work colleagues.

Having a diagnosis of cancer, is one of those life changing moments that nobody wants. There is no easy way to break that news to someone. The recipient has to figure out how to cope with and then learn to live with, this unwelcome ‘guest’ that has just decided to muscle into their lives.

Nicky – being Nicky – has decided to cope with this unwelcome intrusion in his own unique way by sharing his experiences with anyone who cares to read them, in the form of a blog. Which is why I am sharing this news with you all. It is brilliantly written and comes straight from his heart. It is both witty, eloquent and because Nicky is going through the treatment and writing about it as it happens, deeply personal. It will make you laugh at times and for those who may recently have had a diagnosis of cancer themselves, reading it, might just help tear down some of those inevitable fears of the unknown.

Nicky has called his blog Too Upbeat For Cancer and that title just about encapsulates the spirit of the man and how he is facing down this disease.

I urge everyone to take the time out and read of Nicky and his experiences. The more people who follow him by reading his blog, the more Nicky knows that he is not alone in his battle against it.

Click on this link here and read Nicky’s blog. You will not be disappointed.

. . . . sobering thoughts when you are boldly going . . .

Alan Shepard arriving at Launch Complex 5.
Commander Alan Shepard walks to the launch pad on the morning of America’s first manned space mission at Launch Complex 5, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, May 5th 1961. Image courtesy of NASA. Retrieved from NASA 29/01/2014.

‘It’s a very sobering feeling to be up in space and realize that one’s safety factor was determined by the lowest bidder on a government contract.’

Alan Shepard . . . first American astronaut to enter space and walked on The Moon as Commander of the Apollo 14 Mission

. . . . I fully intended . . .

my brain hurts
Women – can’t live without them – but trying to figure out what their thinking . . .

‘ . . . . they said try to do some Creative Writing . . . . it will help you to express your feelings . . .

So I did.

Avoid any subjects that make you feel sad; stir up negative thoughts; you need to start concentrating on subjects that lift your spirits and perhaps creating a blog could be a way of sharing your thoughts with a wider audience.

Continue reading . . . . I fully intended . . .