Apollo10 Lunar Oblique View

About Me

Welcome to my home page. I am of an age where I can at last devote some time to think and write about the age we live in and hopefully, comment or state a view – or belief – that may strike a chord with others.

During a long working life, I have worked within the print and publishing industries and have witnessed many changes. Principally the introduction of ‘new’ technology and demise of old – much loved – traditional methods of creating books, magazines and newspaper. We have now embraced those ‘new’ technologies and they have been refined into the devices we all take pretty much for granted and use on a daily basis to produce posts such as this.

The birth of the internet and the World Wide Web, has changed everything. Now anyone who has access to a device which can create content and display it – using the protocols and languages of World Wide Web – can in effect become a publisher.

It has been an amazing journey . . . .

As for me as a person, I enjoy studying and learning as much as I can about these technologies. For those of you that select the ‘Everything Else’ menu, you will see that I also have an abiding interest in Space and all things associated with Spaceflight.

By the way, I love printed books. I have a huge collection of books on astronomy, space and spaceflight. I also have an abiding interest in the history of the 20th century and how the two world wars, reshaped the world and the political landscape from 1945 onwards.

Because so many of the early astronauts came from the military – military test pilots, with engineering and electronics degrees – I also have an interest in aviation and the history flight. I find it incredible that the first flight by the Wright Brothers, took place on December 17 1903 and on July 21st 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the Moon.

The span of time between that first 59 seconds flight of the Wright Flyer and Neil Armstrong’s historic first steps on the lunar surface, was a mere 66 years. The twentieth century was indeed shaped and redefined by mans ability to develop and refine flight – both through war – and subsequently harnessing that knowledge into commercial air travel. War accelerated the technology and development of aircraft as a platform for weapons delivery.

Peacetime saw that technology spin off into the commercial airlines, that have shrunk the world for us all. We now think nothing of crossing the Atlantic Ocean in the same time that it would take to drive from London to Manchester . Now we are free to travel to places that previous generations could only dream about and see on a printed atlas, or see as conscripts in one of the armed forces.

After the Second World War came The Cold War. That war saw a new frontier – Space – that had to be mastered and this time in the full glow of the worlds media.

Thank you for reading so far!

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