. . . long time, no post . . .

It had to happen at some point and I hold my hands up to apologise for falling into that most obvious of traps – ‘Writers Block’ – followed by a period of total malaise and aversion to exercising my brain cells.

The catalyst for this was my spending 10 days in Majorca with my ever patient and supportive wife. The holiday was long overdue, especially for Nancy, for whom this break was needed and well deserved.

During my period of self-inflicted abstinence from the discipline of posting weekly blogs, I have had time to think about the content I have posted so far. Those of you who may have followed me, will know that they have primarily been my reflections upon the classical age of space exploration during the 1960’s and 70’s. As personally satisfying as they were in researching and putting together, I now realise that they were of limited interest to those who were kind enough to read them.

I have finally come to the conclusion that all I was really doing, was just recycling knowledge and historical facts that were well known to that limited audience. It is now time for me to spread my wings and start trying to write unique content which allows the real me – and my opinions of the world that we all share – to see the light of day.

So as from next week, I will be posting upon subject matter that may be drawn from current affairs and news items of the day, or upon my thoughts and views of long standing issues that I may wish to revisit and pass comment upon.

The subjects upon which I wish to write will be many and varied but above all, will ultimately be my opinion, for which I will take full responsibility for – the praise and the brickbats.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to returning the the wonderful world of blogging!

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